iYUME 6912 Full Body Full L Shape Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair

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  • Free Clouds 3D Roll Technology
  • Perfect combination of top luxurious massage feeling and wireless intellectual controlling system.
  • One button for front parallel movement, super long L-shape massage area, wireless blue tooth control system.
  • Zero gravity luxury massage chair
  • Four-Roller back massage mechanism in L-shape frame, performs whole massage from neck to buttock
  • Air pressure for shoulder, waist, arm, butt, calf and foot
  • Rolling massage for sole (Four rollers)
  • Heating for waist
  • LCD Controller, meanwhile support for iphone, ipad and mobiles which with andriod 2.0 version control system for playing music
  • Speaker to enable you to listen to the music of your choice
  • Evolved unique 3D movement  Massage Technology 
  • Computer Body Scan 
  •  Zero Gravity 
  • New Generation Air Massage Technology 
  • Arm air massagers 
  • Auto recline and leg extension
  • Accupoint Technology 
  • Dual Foot Roller Massagers 
  • Lower Back Heat therapy 
  • Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze & Twist 
  • MP3 Connection 
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote 
  • Arm & Hand Massage 
  • Calf & Foot Massage 
  • Auto or Adjust for massage Timer
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