iYUME-850 L Shape Zero space Zero Gravity Bluetooth full body massage chair

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iYUME -850 Massage chair enjoy luxury full body massages at home with intelligent massage operating system, 850 can bring you an experience similar to the palms of an experience masseuse, the gentle firm movements of the airbags provide a life-like pushing sensation, relieving stiffness and soothing aches, the original version of ergonomic data runs through the drawings of brand new massage chair , it can more accurately obtain important parameters like the most comfortable position to place your body, the best seat angle,etc. so that you enjoy the coziest massage space in the course of massage. comprehensively back massage the intelligent massage hands can move up and down on shoulder, neck, back and waist , optional sensor and accurately detect the main human acupoints,this ensures that you benefit from the full curative effect of most precise and accurate personalised massage. which is possible only with the accurate detection of acupressure points along your body's meridians. combining advanced roller mechanism with intelligent massage rollers, kneading, rolling and tapping ,shiatsu and rolling form your head till thigh, L shape full body massage with 3D full air bag massage , with back heating and sole airbag and roller, zero gravity, zero wall space and blue tooth music .Slide move , Led Lights . 850 offers the most invigorating manual massage techniques and auto programs that cater to the needs of everyone in the family.