2 Year Solid Warranty / Parts & Labor

 Warranty is provided by iYUME Massage Chair,

We guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first TWO (2) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations contained herein.

What Is Covered*:
⦁ This warranty explicitly covers all parts, labor and framework of the chair.
⦁ This warranty includes parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost to the customer.
⦁ This warranty includes parts costs covered only for the second year at no cost to the customer.

What Is NOT Covered*:
⦁ This warranty does not include any shipping expenses incurred.
⦁ This warranty does not include normal wear and tear including Velcro or zipper malfunction, or tears in any fabric covering by abuse.
⦁ The warranty shall not apply if the product has been damaged physically, whether intentionally or due accident or neglect: including stains, fluids, mold, water damage, animal damage, cuts, burns or is otherwise unsanitary, damaged or soiled.

Implied Warranty & Other Damages:
⦁ Any implied warranties shall be limited to the duration of the 1 year portion of this limited warranty, and with regard to structural framework, limited to the duration of the 2 year portion of this limited warranty.
⦁ By making a purchase, you agree that iYUME Massage Chair , will not be liable for any items damaged and/or lost while en route to the specified address. Any claims for such loss or damage must be addressed and resolved with the designated carrier.
⦁ In no case will IYUME Massage Chair , be liable for incidental or consequential damages, whether such damages are claimed on account of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or strict/product liability, including without limitation, damage to property (other than the product) or other economic losses.

How to obtain warranty service:
⦁ You must provide proof of purchase for any warranty claim.
⦁ You must obtain a return authorization number in order to ship products to a service center.
⦁ You may obtain service advice, or contacting the iYUME Massage Chair Customer Service department toll-free at 1300790778.
⦁ This warranty gives you specific legal rights.